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With the possible exception of those from people who I begged, bribed, blackmailed, or otherwise badgered into saying nice things about me, (along with a few others I authored myself in inspired moments of self-congratulation), the comments are all legitimate, verifiable, and presumably heart-felt. The latter I offer even if such folk appear to have questionable standards of political insight, for which I cannot be held responsible. Their “standards” that is! For everything else, I’ll cop the rap!


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The Crucifixion of the Black Messiah is the title of my latest piece​. Here’s what some folks have been saying.

— This may be the most important essay of our time…Thank you Greg Maybury.’ — Reader comment via Off Guardian 4 April, 2018

— The 50th anniversary of the murder of Martin Luther King has been observed with grief, resolve, and by some, even a twisted call for violence. Here is a poignant tribute to the great man. Thank you Greg Maybury.’Jeannette Hassberg, via Facebook.

— Thank you for assembling another exceptional work. I think possibly the initial published piece internationally which will prove prescient in bringing down the entire House of Cards Of American Corruption.’ Please keep up the extraordinary work. You’re teaching now, truth to the entire World, no exaggeration.’Bob Van Noy, via Consortium News.

— [Greg], A very detailed article and more eye opening information. I’m glad to see you cite important statements that reveal the framing of James Earl Ray and evidence of the reality and cover up of the MLK assassination. I’ve heard William Pepper [MLK author/lawyer] speak on his research and [the 1999 civil] trial numerous times. There is still a long way to go to expose this knowledge. Great work! Les Jamieson, via Facebook.

— [I agree] with so much of what you write about Greg. It is very troubling to me that so many have been murdered, tortured and lives completely disrupted by our national security state and its allies. And for the most part, few have been held accountable for these crimes. Trump’s appointment for the CIA for instance [Gina Haspel] should be in prison not running one of the most powerful agencies in the world. Her defense is that she was following orders….[A] defense that rightfully failed at Nuremburg. MLK’s greatest legacy of peaceful protest while attempting to “love your enemy” has been lost to the warmongering leadership we have in the U.S. today. Thanks for your post, your courage in speaking out and for your support.’ — Richard Otto, Author, The Paradox of our National Security State, via Facebook.

— Thanks to Greg Maybury for his ability to describe the essence of my Martin Luther King* book through his usual insightful and succinct analysis….. Greg’s unique “Aussie-elegance” writing style shines through and provides us proof that often the best, most complete perspective of our contemporary culture can be captured from someone looking from afar. — Phil Nelson, Author, Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr., The Case Against Lyndon B Johnson and J Edgar Hoover* — Pub. Date April 17, 2018, via Facebook


The following comments were in response to my earlier article All Fire and Fury in Ukraine.

— Add Greg Maybury to Oliver Stone, the late Robert Parry, “The Magnitsky Act” documentary maker [Andrei Nekrasov] and a few other truth-tellers trying to wake up brainwashed Americans about the danger of more war brewing in Ukraine due to the unceasing efforts of US-neocon/neoliberal regime changers. [Comment From Coleen Rowley, Former FBI Lawyer/Agent turned whistle-blower, anti-corruption advocate, and political activist, via Facebook. Rowley was — along with two other courageous women — Time magazine’s 2002 Person(s) of the Year.]

— A nice tribute to the late Robert Parry and summary of what went on in Ukraine, for those of us that have forgotten. Oleg Tsarev, claimed that over 100,000 died since the Soros funded, coup d’etat in Ukraine. Times 9, those left with life changing injuries and the millions displaced (sic). The UN, using a different set of figures, leaving many out of the equation, makes it over 10,000 deaths. For what? How has it helped the US, who led the regime change and what have they got or lost?

— I like this writer, his historical perspective is unique, and he ties the bits (truths) together masterfully. First time I’ve seen him here [Information Clearing House], so I’m glad he’s found a wider audience, I’ve been following him for a while. Other works by him, can be found at OpEd News. Check out his blog at Pox Amerikana. This is a rising voice in international affairs, his perspective is unique, and he manages a bit of entertainment, along with the bitter pills, we Americans have to swallow. Red pills. The blue ones have become indigestible, at last. There is no safety to be found in the Status Quo, never was. The Matrix Of Money rules today, but truth is coming, it cannot be stopped.

— The perspective is only new for those who’ve not been paying attention. [Yet], since so many need reminding, his “summary” is very useful. These themes can be found in many countries. However, because many of them are written in non-English languages, the degree to which Maybury’s concepts are VERY widely spread remains obscure for most. We know about the coup (and resistance) in Australia because they write in English.

— Very good article! Keep up the great and important work! 

— Excellent article. It is important to share the TRUTH right now. The war drums are beating. [Emphasis in original]. 

— That was a fantastic read….a thorough synopsis of this ongoing situation….Keep up [Robert Parry’s] legacy, if you will, and keep fighting the good and right fight.

— Excellent perspective Mr. Maybury. Detailed and insightful, and a nice break from the usual ICH [Information Clearing House] contributors.

— Impressive historical perspective and future projections.

— G’day to you Greg, and I’m glad you liked the link (I sent) and it wasn’t offensive due to [you thinking] I wanted to jump on the bandwagon with your theme. So that’s good for me….If I am to read you rightly, and nothing against N[ew] E[astern O[utlook], but here at Consortium News is a more than adequate place for you to reach us readers of current events…but, there I go again with my forwardness… Lastly anything we all can do to help lessen the tension being raised these days on the geopolitical sphere, and as you well know that this message needs broadcasted more loudly & clearly to a lot of American mainland citizens we must all do our part….so please Greg continue on.

— This was a great article! I hope to see more here by this author.

— Greg make sure to keep us posted on your latest works, because you are a joy to read….

— G’Day Greg, I’m so very happy to read you again and especially here [at Consortium News]. Welcome back!

— Greg, Thanks for an informative review of the Ukraine conflict from an Aussie point of view. I haven’t seen the Oliver Stone documentary yet but I’ll put it on my list.

— What I personally admire here is that we have found a like and valued voice from the other side of the world!….an invaluable resource. 

— Very good article and silence from in the USA around this most blatant interference and regime change Covering everything up by falsities will not change the reality and problems, but ultimately lead to much worse problems, as have already developed in the Ukraine.

— G’day Greg! I’ve been wondering where you went. Haven’t seen you on OpEd News for a long time. Good to see you here [back on Consortium News]. I always enjoy reading your essays.

— I watched Ukraine on Fire online about a month ago. As always, Oliver Stone doesn’t disappoint. He’s another brave soul like Robert Parry. Fighting this imperialist war machine will take all of us working together. Thanks for your great work.

— Reading this [article by Greg Maybury] and watching “Ukraine on Fire” (thanks to Maybury’s link) has taken up half my day, but was well worth the time. Gradually I’ve come to realize that not only is the entire U.S. establishment media complicit in the Deep State’s propaganda and full-scale brainwashing of the population, but also “left” and “independent” journalism platforms such as Democracy Now. Journalists like Robert Parry come along so rarely because it’s considered “treason” to do independent investigation and journalism that questions or counters the prevailing narrative. To get a seat at the tables of power, you must sing aloud the lies and prove your loyalty to the “Ministry of Truth.”

— Outstanding essay which would remove people’s blinders about Russia Gate if they’d read it with an open mind. The chances of this happening though is [sic] slim. I can’t believe how so many people have bought into this just because Hillary didn’t win the election. Imagine if Trump was the one who was telling people this after he lost. The Great Black Hope, or the Empty Suit as I call him has snookered his base just as Hillary has hers. Obama did great damage to this country and the world during his tenure and Trump is his legacy. If he had kept his campaign promises there is no way Trump would be president. The suffering of the Ukrainian people is unimaginable and it’s made worse because people blame it on Russia, not this country. They rarely see us for what we really are. Thanks again for this. I’m off to watch the movie.


All the following comments come from various previous articles.—–

— First of all, thank you for all your hard work and academic excellence, they’re appreciated. For many of the reasons you state, I’ve been pursuing this topic for more than a decade, and there’s one problem I have with the conclusions I have drawn, which are much the same, though not as well-documented as, yours (I pursued a lot of it through fiction, such as Upton Sinclair’s 14 volume series, “World’s End” (Even Henry Adam’s, “Education of Henry Adams ” has some relevant bits), Hans Fallada’s, “wulf unter wolfen”, and “Every Man Dies Alone”, A Woman in Berlin, and lately, various very good Netflix docu-movies, one which is called, “Generation War”. In this, a singer is arrested, tried and convicted for “Defeatism”, and executed, even as the allies are storming into Berlin. Likewise Sophie Scholl, and the husband and wife in Every Man … are all executed for merely handing out leaflets. However, we can write and publish anything that enlightens others with no repercussions (so Far). And this is difficult to reconcile with the dastardly nature of the US regime as it has taken shape in the last generation especially. It is hard to bring people around to the true nature of our Demockracy (Even after GW’s mad rule) when they are unhampered, or believe themselves to be, in their self-expression. I guess I’m trying to ask, How can you convince a brainwashed polity that the freedom they cherish so much has been bought at a steep price, one paid by the rest of the world, via mechanisms of which they are kept ignorant of? Comment on: From Great Wars, Come Great Consequences

— Great stuff. Compendious and incisive with the right level of cutting humour needed to abase the MSM songbirds. A breath of fresh air among the turgid litany of the hackneyed purveyors of the so called media.

— [I] Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented: Very entertaining and intelligent dissection (or do I mean vivisection) of the current situation regarding cognitive dissonance and alternating cognitive resonance which both Huxley and Orwell feared, for different reasons.

— Brilliant!


VERY very (sic) good article. I only wish I’d written it myself. Via Twitter


— ‘Greg, Amazingly, you have succinctly stated everything — and a whole lot more — which I attempted to describe in my 302 page book! The value you’ve added in doing so is immeasurable and far-reaching, in terms of the population of the audience and its geographical makeup as well. My appreciation for your assistance in promoting the book is likewise boundless. Many, many thanks for your incredible enthusiasm and hard work! Phil Nelson, Author, Remember the Liberty: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas.

— ‘You have done your homework Greg, spot on, just one comment, the slavish commitment to US wars you rightly point out shows a total loyalty that no other country can match, we were there in Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, and Syria, but the one and only time we asked for help from our great protector [in East Timor]….they were missing in action’ [on With Friends Like These (Who Needs Allies?)]

— ‘G’Day and thank you Greg for this excellent summation of my American Experience. First I want to commend you for your really exceptional use of narrative, graphics and active links to further explain your opinion. Well done! My Story: I volunteered the draft at eighteen years old in 1962 to “buy” the GI Bill and pay my way to college. I entered the military in July of 1962 and qualified for the 101st Airborne Division with an agreement that I would be able to try-out for their vaunted inter-service football team. The last thing on my mind was actual military commitment. My timing couldn’t have been worse because halfway through training The Cuban Missile Crisis happened and forever changed my life and my Country. I have become very familiar with the story you tell today and (sadly) concur 100% with your conclusions. My lofty assumptions about how honorable and special my country’s motives are, were dashed on November 22, 1963 and have gone downward since then. My hope now is that, through articles like this, the American population will wake up and throw the rascals out. We’ll see; actually I remain hopeful. Many thanks for your multiple talents…’ [Comments from Bob Van Noy, Photographer, U.S. Veteran, Sacrameneto, CA. June, 2017, on Treachery, Treason, Terror, Truth, and Liberty Forsaken (An American Tale)]


— ‘I have bookmarked poxamerikana.com — it’s awesome….!’
— ‘For what it may be worth, IMHO your critics are full of _ _ it!…..’ [Ed. Note: “Critics?” Wot critics?]
— ‘Greg, thank you so much for providing this narrative [Hilary Clinton’s House of Cards]. For those of us who have experienced the inexplicable, as well as the Unspeakable, this goes as far as I can imagine in explaining the many stunning events that have resulted in tearing apart of our fragile democracy. For many years I have been a skeptic of America’s motives, and I have followed as carefully as possible, but for the first time, it all makes sense. I can hardly wait for the filling in of additional research and the final narrative of our political lives going back to 1947. Then, “let the public trials begin…”.’
— ‘Great article Greg, haven’t read much of your stuff since I quit Op Ed News because of what I perceived as anti-Trump bias, turns out they were probably right. [H]owever the USS Liberty is a story that I have remembered each year since 1967 even have a Liberty zippo in pride of place in my crystal cabinet to ensure that I do remember that true day of infamy that so many know nothing about or who have forgotten the importance of.’

— ‘Greg’s writing and humor about such a serious subject is superb. He just keeps getting better and better. The message comes across loud and clear in a way that no one can deny, without straining the reader with a bunch of unnecessary, cumbersome and boring facts and logic. He makes it look easy. It is what makes a book a page-turner.’ David William Pear, Senior Editor, Op Ed News and The Greanville Post.

— ‘Mr. Maybury, I am grateful to David William Pear for introducing me to your work. I am getting your articles out to my contacts on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Solidarity from the Netherlands.’

— ‘The combination of his Aussie humor, irony, slang and unashamed directness of his message is a wordsmiths mine. Greg is fearless in cutting to the truth that is so often the target of the “sophisticated deceivers” that try to tell us that it is ridiculous to say that US foreign policy and wars are all about oil, gas, and pipelines. Of course it is about oil, and I hope I am not putting words into Greg’s mouth. The other truth is that US foreign policy has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with making the world safe for democracy, human rights, women’s rights, civil rights and protecting people. It is about protecting profits of the people who bribe the politicians, media, academia, NGO’s, and all their other camp followers and servants. Iran may have been the first CIA coup that used the lie of freedom and democracy, but the US history is full of wars the public was tricked into using that hoax. The first coup to use life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (i.e. happiness to own slaves) was the Revolutionary War. It just so happened that the Founding Fathers were able to keep their promise by giving the people land that did not belong to them, i.e. Indian land.’

— ‘Greg, I can’t tell you when I have read a better article about our great ship Liberty and her crew [and] can’t thank you enough for this excellent [piece]…. [All] Americans should read [your article], read Phil’s book, and [then] demand justice once and for all.’ Phillip Tourney, USS Liberty Survivor, Three-time president of the Liberty Veterans’ Assn., Co-author of Remember the Liberty on Of Treachery, Treason, Terror, Truth, and Liberty Forsaken (An American Tale).

— ‘Thanks Greg. I’ll add it to the summer reading list. I hope the men who have been silenced for so long about their harrowing experience finally receive recognition and some justice.’

— ‘Applause! Just applause, and a standing ovation. I love it when truth bubbles to the surface. The only regret is that it’s taken so long, and after the ‘feeling’ is gone for most of us.’

— ‘This is epic work and you are to be encouraged. I read and recommend your site as a beacon of truth to all those who can ‘handle’ the truth.’

— ‘Thank you Greg, for being you, and for uncovering these facts for us. You should know, we are not all deceived, even if most of us are. There are still fair-minded Americans, who seek truth, justice, and equality for all. Some of us will not roll over to the lies, and treachery.’

— ‘Thanks for the great article. I just ordered the book. For many years I have been looking for a reasonable explanation for the attack on the Liberty and its massive coverup. While reading your article, no BS alarms went off, as scream loudly with all previous explanations, and I look forward to reading the details and foundations of this expose’.

— ‘Thank you for this [excellent article.] I was nearby in the Med just days later. When the truth came out it was a major reason to lose my faith and trust in USA. Nothing I have seen since has improved that trust.’

— ‘Greg, thanks for this piece. I went from a naive and patriotic young officer to the realization that I was just political fodder. We are all crops to be picked by the rich and powerful for their own benefit. Politicians for the most part fight for office so they can feather their own nest and have a cushy job with perks unknown to most citizens. USA, where did you go?’

— ‘Thanks for this article……This attack is generally well handled by the libertarian right alternative journalists. This is the first mention I have read, and I read a lot, on a progressive site.’

 ‘[This is] an excellent editorial. Thanks again brother it’s [impressive]. Keep up the great work Greg.’

— ‘I read your fine article and will let others know about your important geopolitical work. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!’

— ‘Good day Greg! Thanks a lot for sharing. Will post on my page. Much kudos to you for all your concern in a world where most people have been intoxicated with a large variety of amusements.’

— ‘I really enjoyed reading this excellent piece on journalism, public discourse and power.’

— ‘Thanks Greg Maybury! Love your writing.’

— [Greg] I appreciate your work, promoting awareness [of these issues] is important for the greater good. There is no alternative to moving forward. Hat tip for your great piece, I shared generously, lol.

— ‘Thanks so much for sending this article along [Greg]. It is excellent.’
— ‘Greg, Thanks so much for this essay, it’s beautifully done…..I’ve bookmarked this piece and will study it further and respond in more depth. I met you through Consortiumnews; have they considered publishing this? May I recommend it to them?

— ‘The seeds of its destruction [may be] in capitalism, but first [it] will become a neo-fascist oligarchy. We are seeing this now in America with the vast majority of wealth concentrated in just a few hands. Soon all laws, all domestic and international policy, and all political power will be mandated and controlled by the 1%. This is the natural evolution of capitalism, the system where ruthlessness is rewarded, capturing an entire market the only goal, and hoarding the most gold the measure of worth. It is bald-faced Darwinism; it is corporatism without conscience; it is the end result of Gordon Gekko’s refrain: “Greed is good.” No, before capitalism is destroyed, the masses must rise up and revolt. This will only happen when there is nothing left to do but revolt, because we will have no drinkable water, no breathable air, no moderate climates, no future, and no means by which to live sustainable lives. Then and only then will the capitalist beast be challenged. That day is coming. [Reader response to  The Gangbanksters of Grab-it-All Street]

— ‘Great read. The rebirth of the American right in the last 30 years has insured (sic) that progress towards a just, peaceful, fair nation will be set back centuries.’ [Reader response to A Confederacy of Hegemons].
— ‘Thanks for reminding how wonderful [Neil] Postman was……I appreciate your hard work.’
— ‘Excellent, outstanding piece, Greg.’
‘[This] article is absolutely brilliant and had me hyperventilating with alarm and recognition. To see it ALL laid out like that. Well done. I will parse up and tweet some of it on twitter to that audience and share on Facebook. Excellent writing as well as communicating so much justified moral outrage. Thanks so much for sharing this.’
— ‘Greg, I am thrilled by your wisdom and capacity to communicate reality.’ 

— ‘Keep up your great output, mate. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, as a writer and thinker you are up there with the VERY best. Brilliant and inspiring!’ [Jim Macgregor, co-author, Hidden History – The Secret Origins of the First World War]

— ‘Wonderful! I’ve been saying the same thing for years only you’ve said it a bit better. The MSM is the single most important enemy of human freedom both it its role as a “place” where mind-control dominates through advertising….which sufficiently loosens up the unconscious so that appeals can more easily be made to the more primitive parts of our brain. We live not just in a world dominated and mediated by technology and the MSM but in a regime built up over time that features mind-control techniques to stay in power. Now we see this may be gradually falling apart.’

— ‘Greg Maybury has written a thought-provoking piece on government, propaganda, and the media’s complicity in disseminating it.’ 

— ‘Brilliant piece! Spot-on analysis, with some phraseology for connoisseurs of invective.’

— ‘Hi Greg, Thanks for sending on your AMAZING article. Given the subject matter saying that I enjoyed reading it might be inappropriate but I did enjoy it. What a sweep through time highlighting the great hulking monster that is the MIC. I am no expert in such matters so your blog and this article is a wonderful resource. Your mention of George Kennan and his common sense on US-Russian relations reminded me of a latter day version of this man Professor emeritus of Russian History at Princeton and NY Universities, Stephen Cohen, [whoseradio interviews with the veteran US radio broadcaster John Batchelor…. are an oasis of sanity in a desert of madness. You may already know of it but this is a link to the latest interview’.


 ‘Again a brilliant read by Greg Maybury.’ (The Praetorian Guardians of the Empire’s Liars).

 ‘Sadly, the majority of people in this country wouldn’t get two or three paragraphs in before dismissing it as long-winded, academic drivel. Then there are the folks who wouldn’t understand half the words he uses, such is the edumacation (sic) system we enjoy in this country of dumbed down media. It’s a bullseye in my book, and something we must convey to any and all who would listen.’

— ‘Greg Maybury‘s expose is sooooo accurate! (The Praetorian Guardians of the Empire’s Liars)So true that it’s hard for humans to even let themselves know about themselves and their political-media institutions. I had a hard time even picking an excerpt as every paragraph is so exceptionally keen on insight but here’s one:

“And it is in America where — from one end of the notional political spectrum to the other, one whose ‘geometry’ has always been more circular than linear – the show-business/vaudeville metaphor reaches its apotheosis and is where the narcissistic, hubristic practitioners of this quintessential manifestation of the more repulsive impulses of the human condition don’t come much uglier!”

— ‘Outstanding article that shows the wide chasm between the reality and outcome of the Vietnam War, really the American War as the Vietnamese themselves call it, and the often false institutional memories and claims by elected politicians and the Department of Defense. We now live in a country where facts and reality are always subordinated to the views and outlook of public institutions that avoid truth that earmarks their failures large and small. The mainstream [media] are national cheerleaders, not fact finders or truth tellers.’

— ‘There has probably always been a bias towards moneyed interests and nationalism in the press, especially newspapers owned by wealthy elites. At least there were a lot of papers to choose from in one locality that provided some diversity of opinion. Deregulation literally handed the press over to the 1%. The invention of the television was a gift to those wanting to control public perceptions. Most people get their “news” from the TV. I believe it’s been pretty much established that the light box in the living room has a hypnotic effect on the human brain. What could be better for the indoctrination of the public mind with the official narrative? As you say, people are beginning to turn to alternative sources for information, but far too many still rely on the status quo MSM. It must be a comfort level thing. Great article!”

Greg — Having seen firsthand the devastation of a global war, Ike (Eisenhower) was happy to fight another kind of war in the 1950s. A virtually bloodless war staged by spies manipulating events in covert ways. In essence he turned the country over to the Dulles brothers; in return all they had to do was promise that there would be no six million dead in concentration camps, no American GIs committed to foreign soil, no atom bombs dropped here or overseas. Allen and Foster obliged, and they ascended to the throne. With their power they staged coups in Iran, Guatemala, the Congo, and anywhere their clients’ interests were at stake. Who were their clients? The 1% who owned everything–Dow, the Rockefellers, United Fruit, the duPonts–and who relied on their legal advisors (Sullivan & Cromwell) and their bankers (Brown Brothers Harriman) to handle their money here and abroad. As shareholders, the Dulles brothers got their cut, of course, and the rest is the history no one knows. For the Dulles brothers were interested only in that part of America that benefitted them, not the rest of us. The rest of us wanted democracy; the Dulleses were invested in oligarchy. The system survives today; their legacy lives on. One percent of Americans feast at the table and the rest of us fight for the crumbs they spill. They’ve owned presidents, politicians, defense contractors, and judges. They’ve rigged the game to their own ends. They’ve starved us, lied to us, and killed us. And used the power of the CIA (Corporations Invisible Army) to do it. All for profit. That’s the Dulles brothers’ America. One president, and only one, challenged them. And see what happened to him in Dallas. (2015)

Of Smoke ‘n Mirrors (Lost in the Wilderness) — Part One

Message from: Tim Fleming, Author: The President’s Mortician. (Novel) [Responding to a series of articles I wrote on the CIA, titled “Of Smoke ‘n Mirrors (Lost in the Wilderness)”, see above.]

— ‘Greg, thank you so much for sharing this article here with me (The Praetorian Guardians of the Empire’s Liars). It is simply superb! What a mind and what writing style! I will share it far and wide. Please do take the trouble of sharing your articles with me in case I happen to miss them.’

— ‘Your vital and tough arguments remind me of two British works on the war that I think are excellent: Kendrick Oliver’s “The My Lai Massacre in American History and Memory,” and Patrick Hagopian’s “American Immunity” and “The Vietnam War in American Memory.” “Uncle Sam be Damned in ‘Nam” is the kind of in your face writing that is necessary to counter the life long American “exceptionalism” that swallows up the critical potential we need to stay the course against the dominant tide.’ John Marciano, Prof. Emeritus, SUNY Cortland, Santa Monica, CA, Co-author, “Lessons of the Vietnam War” (1984)

— ‘Greg, what a gem! (The Praetorian Guardians of the Empire’s Liars). This article dwells on questions I’ve been asking myself for quite a while now. And what a vocabulary you have!’

— ‘un autre chef d’oeuvre, Greg!’ (Trans. ‘Another masterpiece’).

— ‘Great article..thank you. I was writing for an Independent media outlet and was working hard on a piece that broke down the historic and current “scandals” of HRC, separating fact from fiction so as to attempt to get people to think, research, dig…and I was told that I could not publish anything remotely “anti-Hillary”. It’s unbelievable, what is going on this election year and the utter lack of reaction to it.’

— ‘I read Greg Maybury’s fine analysis on media…..(The Praetorian Guardians of the Empire’s Liars), I was made aware of Greg’s writing by Richard K Moore’s welcome note to him recently in Alternative Politics International. There is much good work by Greg on his blog.’

— ‘Mr Maybury, Your intentions, and those of some other journalists are admirable. But, you are all fighting a battle against reality. It is obvious to everyone that Politicians LIE, and that the Establishment Media Lies in support and even embellishes those LIES. So; The cognitive disconnect begs the question of why The Media is constantly consumed by the majority of the people? The only possible Answer; Is that The Media provides a “Confirmation Bias” for the majority of Citizens. In other words: The MSM provides a fairy tale version of reality which people want to believe! The Truth is not only inconvenient, it is also uncomfortable!’

— ‘Great assessment of our thoroughly dysfunctional reality Greg. We make the Twilight Zone look normal by comparison. I read all three of these books (Huxley’s Brave New World; Orwell’s 1984; Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death). My take after reading Postman’s book was and remains that both authors were right. It is possible to combine both dystopian views into one. A very scary one.’ 

— ‘Greg. What a masterpiece. This is a spiritual diagnosis of a very sick world indeed. It takes a visionary to appreciate earlier prophets, and I very much appreciate your insights, erudition, passion and eloquence. I have said elsewhere, I would rather die knowing the truth than live a life of ignorance. Huxley ultimately describes two types of propaganda, which is perhaps testament to the laws of Nature, that everything is corruptible. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. This thought leads on to the nature of Free Will, i.e. We each have a choice between right and wrong. In a harmonious world, the better angels of our nature can take flight. In a world of lies, distrust, ignorance and deceit, the better angels fall like Icarus….Keep up the great work. We need your intelligence to light up the darkness of the primaeval cave.’

— ‘It rarely gets discussed in the States, but I’d certainly be among those that argues that the “roots” of this militaristic American order go back to its very founding and concurrent commitment to expansionism backed by military force. One might say that the Mexican-American War of 1848 was the most obvious of these, but it was hardly something new. That war did at least incite some of the most serious criticism of American expansionism in the 19th c., although the Civil War and Spanish-American War generated a great deal of criticism too. All to say, too often the prevailing myth is that the US was “isolationist” and only reluctantly brought into global military conflicts. It simply isn’t true. I appreciated your article. As my response suggests….I’m hardly one to think that a Hillary [Clinton] presidency would have been somehow less dangerous in terms of the issues that you are writing about – only given the qualification that comparative adjectives like “less” and “more” really don’t do much here, because the dangers presented may be of slightly different kinds, and whatever happens with Trump can’t really be compared to whatever might have happened under [Clinton]. Glad for the reminder that Kennan was a complex foreign policy figure, whose understanding of the Cold War and the problems of American unilateralism were very solid. I haven’t thought about him in a while. Also glad to see your reference to Andrew Bacevich. I’ve been impressed by his work – also a necessary reminder that this isn’t necessarily a liberal-vs-conservative divide.’

— ‘I am enjoying reading your article…..Thanks for your comprehensive, insightful and passionate writing and for all of the great references!….An article criticizing, in great detail, the lock-step, fascist devotion shown by nearly all of Australian governments doing obeisance to the Anglo/American super-elite driven, war machine, might be in order as well as this fine contribution.’

‘[This] article is absolutely brilliant and had me hyperventilating with alarm and recognition. To see it ALL laid out like that. Well done. I will parse up and tweet some of it on twitter to that audience and share on facebook. Excellent writing as well as communicating so much justified moral outrage….Thanks so much for sharing this.’ [The Great American Perpetual Motion War Machine].’

— ‘A fine and thorough piece on American “defense” policy and imperial hegemony since the end of World War II, by my new friend Greg Maybury.’

— ‘Good day Greg! Thanks a lot for this article (The Great American Perpetual Motion War Machine)… Much kudos to you. Shared on my wall. Will also send by mail to other friends not on Facebook…..The horrible world and the uncertain scary future…humanity faces needs many more people like you engaged in enlightening the rest.’

— ‘This (The Great American Perpetual Motion War Machine) is a good and important article if we want to understand what really happened in the Crimea, and not just take the word of propagandists in the West. For the last 3 years the lies of Russian aggression have sounded like the war drums they are. And yet it is the West that is committed to dirty wars in the region. The USA has charged Russia for the crimes itself has committed……a common tactic since the Nazis used it.’

— ‘Greg, I couldn’t agree more with the reader feedback (on The Great American Perpetual Motion War Machine). When we were first in contact, it was this sort of perception that caused me to encourage you. Your certainly have not let me down. Just the opposite.’ (Sterllng Seagrave, Author, The Gold Warriors and numerous other books on Asia and its fractious, tragic relationship with the West.)

— ‘Greg, You deserve more than just praise for your massive efforts: It takes a huge brain, an agile mind, and a strong constitution to wade through the quagmire of lies, blatant falsehoods and disinformation to uncover the truth. I have only begun to scratch the surface, thus fully appreciate the great work you have done….To misquote the abominable [Winston] Churchill: “Never, in the fields of Conflicted Propaganda, has so much shit been cleared away for so many, by so few”. I put you in the same league as James W. Douglass, author of “JFK & The Unspeakable. Why he died & Why it Matters”. I would rather know the truth than live in ignorance. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Only the truth can set us free. Courage, mes braves.’

— ‘Greg – I can’t speak highly enough of this superb piece you’ve produced. It’s wisdom, clarity and subtle humour make it an article worth sharing with those few of us who still retain a piddling, minuscule quantity of gray matter. As yet, I’m nowhere certain of what’s coming to pass in [America’s] immediate future. We’ve bungled and we’re burdened with the weight of horrendous transgressions. To say that it takes a thief to catch a thief doesn’t make me sure that we’re in good hands.’



— ‘Excellent! Very comprehensive review!’

— ‘Greg, I enjoy much your writing and writing style. Your subjects and your coverage far exceed those that come with the MSM treatment.’

— ‘Greg, I see you as a superb journalist, with tremendous insight and an elegant sense of humor. Your knowledge of George Kennan, your acquaintance with my friend, Finian [Cunningham], and your interminable awareness cause me to admire your writings immensely.’

— ‘Greg….Thanks so much for this essay, it’s beautifully done…..I’ve bookmarked this piece and will study it further and respond in more depth. I met you through Consortium News, have they considered publishing this? May I recommend it to them? [A]s you might imagine, all is in upheaval here but l’m hopeful that at least [Donald] Trump will talk with President Putin. Thanks again.’

— ‘Yet another great article, Greg. The Iraq war simply part and parcel of the NWO agenda as we head inexorably to the nightmare of one world government, [one] which is led by individuals with the humanitarian qualities of the likes of [George] Bush and [Tony] Blair. Alex Salmond, MP and [then] First Minister of Scotland, is spearheading a move here to drag Blair before the courts for war crimes. Many are giving their vocal support. The PTB, however, will NEVER allow that to happen. Blair struts the world stage picking up millions every year for giving talks to….fawning idiots, while much of the Middle East lies trashed from his actions and littered with the graves of innocent millions who died on his say so.’

— ‘Great article….thank you. I was writing for an Independent media outlet and was working hard on a piece that broke down the historic and current “scandals” of [Hillary Clinton], separating fact from fiction so as to attempt to get people to think, research, dig…and I was told that I could not publish anything remotely “anti-Hillary”. It’s unbelievable, what’s going on this election year & the utter lack of reaction to it.’

— ‘Great read. The rebirth of the American right in the last 30 years has insured (sic) that progress towards a just, peaceful, fair nation will be set back centuries.’

— ‘Greg, With your permission, I’d like to reprint a portion of this in my own blog. Your thoughts on the matter have prompted my own ideas about the origins and purposes of America’s permanent war state. The state-sanctioned media rarely mention the cost of the permanent war state…for good reason. They are stakeholders in the state. Independent journalism is obsolete; thus, most Americans, hell, all Americans, fail to notice that six of every ten tax dollars go to war profiteering. In the three-card monty game of defense-spending capitalism, we are the suckers. I believe that this, more than our ROW manifest-destiny bullying or exceptional (a)moralism is the motivation for the permanent war state, born in Dallas in November 1963. With gratitude and admiration, I await your permission.’

— ‘Greg, thanks for this analysis which one will almost certainly never read in the….mainstream media. As you say, they are all too complicit in the crimes of Madame Clinton to ever challenge her apparently predestined role as the next titular head of the American War Machine…It seems to me we have a stark choice. Either continue with our suicidal path, that will undoubtedly accelerate under a Clinton presidency, or we actually formulate a foreign and defense policy that puts Australia’s real national interests to the forefront.’

— ‘I find Greg Maybury’s article exactly true. He covered the facts that I have found out myself….. Everything he writes is there for anyone to discover.’ 

— ‘Fabulous work, Greg! I don’t know how those who claim to study history are able to maintain the blind-spots that keep them from putting obvious truths together.’

— ‘You are one Kool Kookaburra….Your song may be irritating, but it is honest and truthful. Keep singing LittleBird. Sing loud enough to wake the sleeping masses, also the dead and the compromised, who can no longer sing for themselves.’ 

— ‘Thank you (Greg) for this article, we will not be able to right all the wrongs but if we do not acknowledge how we got here and why nothing will change….Heavy lifting required [indeed]…..’ 

— ‘An excellent summation of our current condition, thanks Greg.’ 

— ‘A well-written analysis of U.S political tragedy both in America herself and the world.’ 

— ‘Great article Greg. I always appreciate a good read recommendation, especially history and super-especially an alternative history.’ 

— ‘Greg Maybury’s insightful and witty piece on [Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty’sHidden History – The Secret Origins of the First World War, is entertaining, informative, and on the mark.’

— ‘Another fantastic piece of insightful writing, Greg…I love your Aussie wit. It’d be interesting to hear how your journey from mainstream history teacher to truth seeker/teller began.’ 

— ‘Well done, Greg. A great introduction to the revelations presented by [Macgregor & Docherty’s] ‘Hidden History.’ For anyone… interested in historical truth, this is the history you’ve been searching for.’ 

— ‘Excellent article. History so often turns out to be the opposite of what we are told in brainwashing labs – er sorry, I mean school.’ 

— ‘Greg, thanks to both you and Robert Parry (Consortium News) for publishing your essay here. So much to like about this…..your being from Australia seems to give you a clearer vision of our system than the supposed experts in our own. Thanks.’ 

— ‘[T]hanks to Greg and Robert Parry for publishing this excellent piece.’ 

— ‘You are one heck of a writer. Your article should be on Propublica. Your analysis of the election was as good as the best I’ve seen. Too many articles are crap but once in awhile I read a nugget like yours.’ 

— ‘Mr. Maybury’s article is as accurate as it’s devastating. It also underlines the complete surrender of a free mass media….which has fallen into line to promote the terrible ideas of what is, debatably, the most dangerous collective leadership in history.’ 

— ‘The article is very well done indeed.’ 

— ‘[And] yes Greg, the irony drips. Your analysis speaks volumes, akin to Naomi Klein…and the previous comments added some pertinence. Good to hear from you as always.’ 

— ‘A well-written analysis of U.S political tragedy both in America herself and the world…..Thanks Greg, for [this] insightful piece of writing.’



— ‘May I say, great article…..the way you write makes it so much fun to read!’ 

— ‘Spirited writing, wide-ranging… an uncanny talent for hitting the right nail with the right vengeance.’ 

— ‘What a great article….You have made a “no laughing matter” a laughing matter. Welcome back…’ 

— ‘Great article Greg.’ 

— ‘Thanks for this informative article – a lot of good references and broad insight.’ 

— ‘Terrific analysis! Thank you!’ 

— ‘Thanks for this article…Sometimes it takes an observer from the outside to see the situation within a nation correctly.’ 

— ‘Bravo, an excellent synopsis of the many red flags presented (by Clinton). Will distribute this essay far and wide. If an Australian can understand all this, why can’t we Americans?..’ 

— ‘…I really want to emphasize just how wonderful this article is and how fabulous the writing is. “Surreal election” [you say]? Positively dada! But you have the voice and chops to put a great little rhythm on it. You can be the “Hatchet-wielder” [any] day! Keep it up.’

— ‘Outstanding writing!’ 

— ‘Thanks Greg…for the great broad view on this primary [election] and the Clintons’ issues…’ 

— ‘[Greg] Maybury has spelled out quite comprehensibly the paradox of a Hillary presidency. I am a woman of 90 years of age who would like to see a CAPABLE (NB. emphasis in original) woman as President, but never Hillary Clinton…If she’s a fine example of American femininity, I’m in the wrong nation.’

— [Greg], Great to hear from you. Your article on Mme. Secretary is superb. One tries to understand what drives such awful people to sell their very souls for “power”, but what power does a POTUS actually have? Even Faust must have known that he was just a pawn in a bigger game. You mention the censorship of [John] Pilger by Truthout (whose daily emails I also receive). It is a bit of a task shopping around for the propaganda which best matched one’s own prejudices. This morning I was trying to explain the nonsense of the destruction of MH17 but fell between two conflicting theories – only proving we’re lied to incessantly.

[Ed. Note: The following comment came via private email from Ray McGovern (former CIA analyst, now community activist and political commentator on national security and foreign policy matters, and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity aka VIPS) from Colleen Rowley, (former FBI special agent cum whistleblower, commentator, and activist, nominated as Time magazine’s 2002 Person of The Year)]. 

— ‘[Did you see] Greg Maybury’s piece [on Hillary Clinton] posted on Consortium News?…A must share comprehensive overview of so many of her psychopathic actions and excellent comments following it.’

— ‘This article is right on the money. Although one fears that [Bernie] Sanders is too attached to his personae as a decent person and a true gent to actually fight tooth and nail to bring [Hillary Clinton] down. He obviously capitulated to something today – his body language alone was enough to let us know that – but what he capitulated to is still under wraps. As he said, this campaign is not about the candidate, this campaign is about US. And if he tells us to somehow fold ourselves under the wing of the completely corrupt Democratic Party, he will be finished as political professional, complete and utterly finished. Let the revolution begin.’

[Ed. Note: This preceding comment came via private email from fellow writer Carmen Yarrusso who’d earlier also written a piece on HRC for Counterpunch.]

— ‘Quite simply, your piece is the BEST (NB. emphasis in original) [and] most comprehensive [article] I’ve ever seen on [Hillary Clinton]. You have a wonderful style [along with] a fine argument. Hope to see more from you.’ 

— ‘[T]hanks for your essay Greg…So much to like about this. My first thought was about how important (historian) Arnold J. Toynbee has been to American history because of his ability to be detached from it. Similarly, your being from Australia seems to give you a clearer vision of our system than the supposed experts in our own….[I especially liked this]: 

Extract from: Of Privilege, Plunder and Immoral Reward[In the process] democracy’s once proprietary domains—equal justice, freedom, human rights, equality of opportunity, civil rights, liberty, and most everything from habeas corpus to the pursuit of happiness—have effectively been declared ‘no-fly-zones’ for ordinary people, accessible only to those increasingly privileged, mostly unelected, and thoroughly unaccountable few.”’

— ‘Brilliant’! Many thanks Greg…’ 

— ‘Excellent article and I suggest others read it.’

— ‘Kudos! Standing ovation!’

— ‘Excellent article Greg!’

— ‘Greg…I can’t thank you enough for this important synopsis of America’s History With Fidel [Castro]. Of course you got it right, the enigma of the period from The Bay Of Pigs to Castro’s funeral is a giant story of the failure of Pax Americana, and as [far as] I’m convinced, that All Dreams of Empire will fail…[Again] many thanks [to] yourself and [to] Mr. Parry.

— ‘Very well chosen example at the beginning of the article…[The MH-17 Propaganda War]...Especially since this article uses dismissive propaganda language to dismiss reporting that uses dismissive propaganda language…’

— ‘Thankyou for your balanced perspective in this one sided conflict Mr Maybury.’

— ‘Greg, thanks for a useful and informative contribution to the discussion.’

— ‘Mr. Maybury, thank you for an excellent article.’

— ‘Great summary of the slow narrowing of what’s considered acceptable and respectable….It seems like it’s approaching its ultimate conclusion: both parties disagree on everything, yet their policies no longer differ on anything.’

— ‘Impressive article.’

— ‘Thank you for this excellent analysis.’



‘A thoughtful and forensic article [Hillary Clinton‘s House of Cards] and many of us have sensed what [you] articulate here….The media have sunk to new depths both in the UK and in the US, so that [Donald] Trump has become the last great hope of Establishment Liberals: that is, he is pictured as so “extreme” that nice Americans surely could not prefer him to Mrs Clinton?’

— ‘…..I agree with everything [Greg Maybury] says…..Just because Hillary Clinton calls herself a progressive does not mean that she is one. In fact, she is greatly admired and supported by the far right, including such people as Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger. The far right has no reason to criticize her because she is in fact one of them, just pretending to be a liberal. We cannot assume every criticism of Clinton must be a “right-wing attack.” It is the progressive left that has every reason to be critical and reveal her misdeeds of the past. Pointing out well documented facts — as Mr Maybury has done — is not “hysterical character assassination” and analyzing and criticizing America’s misguided foreign policy, including those that violate international law and human rights, are not “hate pieces” nor “mindless rants.”

— ‘Greg, I’ve never met an Aussie I didn’t like, and heartily. What is it, I wonder? I appreciate and look forward to your posts.’

— ‘This article really says a lot.’
— ‘Thanks for raising the disturbing facts surrounding Hillary. I see a lot of truth in your quote from Paul Craig Roberts about public service becoming a mere way of seeking deals for personal enrichment. Shades of the baksheesh values of the Ottoman Empire.’
 — ‘First, Greg: I don’t know whether I should thank you or hate you. I took your advice at read (Diana) Johnstone’s Queen of Chaos, The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton. I started it last night and had the hardest time falling asleep. That sleep was obviously far from restful since I awoke at 3:30 a.m. and have been up since. As to the article above (spec. the Clinton statement quoted therein), I must be missing something, because I do not see a single incident she states is an accomplishment.’

— ‘I’m a big fan of Russ Baker (founder/editor of WhoWhatWhy). I read “Family of Secrets” when it first came out. The Bush Gang; America’s premiere crime family. I’ll be buying David Talbot‘s book too.’ (Ed. Note: Both authors quoted in said article.)

— ‘This stuff really gets down to the nitty-gritty of the true nature of US policy, including domestically. As (former CIA Director) William Casey said, “We’ll know our disinformation campaign has been a success when everything the American people believe is false.”‘

 ‘Hi Greg, thanks for this – a great read, which I will have to return to, to chew through it more. As engrossing as depressing, I must say. Elites like that don’t seem to evolve so much as HARDEN. I wonder where all this will end…’

— ‘Thanks for your comprehensive, insightful and passionate writing and for all of the great references!….An article criticizing, in great detail, the lock-step, fascist devotion shown by nearly all of Australian governments doing obeisance to the Anglo/American super-elite driven, war machine, might be in order as well as this fine contribution. Take care & watch your back.’

The following response was from fellow Aussie James O’Neill to my article on Hillary Clinton. O’Neill is a former legal academic, and now barrister, political activist and writer. He regularly writes on geo-political issues with a special emphasis on human rights and international law matters. He has also worked for a time at the International Criminal Court in Europe on various war crimes cases. Here is what he had to say in response to my piece on Mrs Clinton, and the themes highlighted therein.


— ‘Greg, thanks for this analysis which one will almost certainly never read in the Australian mainstream media. As you say, they are all too complicit in the crimes of Madame Clinton to ever challenge her apparently pre-destined role as the next titular head of the American War Machine. Two thoughts come to mind. The first is that the appalling direction the US has been hell bent on pursuing for the past several decades (at least since 1945) is not going to change for the better. That should inspire some serious rethinking in DFAT (Aussie Foreign Affairs) and the Ministry of Defence about whether it is really in Australia’s interests to be the reliable adjunct to whatever war the US wishes to pursue.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that every war Australia has gotten into since 1945 has been at the behest of the Americans. They have all ended disastrously and the ones currently in progress, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, are not going to end any differently. Not a single vital Australian interest has been enhanced by this lap dog conduct. It ought to be a golden opportunity to fundamentally rethink our whole foreign policy stance, but notwithstanding the experiences referred to above, and the powerful arguments mounted by the late Malcolm Fraser (Ed. Note: Fraser was Aussie PM ’75-’83; a conservative BTW) in his book Dangerous Ally, there’s not the slightest bit of evidence such a rethink is in fact going on…..

…..The second thought that comes to mind is that the United States has gotten away with its outrageous behaviour over the past decades, and especially since 1990, because there’s not been a serious countervailing power centre. That in my view is fundamentally changing. There is likely to be some significant changes in the Kremlin hierarchy, not, as the neocon wet dream would have it by Mr Putin being replaced, but rather with Atlantic sovereigntists such as (Dmitry) Medvedev being shown the door because a much harder line faction wants stiffer resistance to US and NATO belligerence and blatant breaking of several treaties. I highly recommend that people listen to Stephen Cohen podcast for his insights, the likes of which you will never hear or see in the Oz MSM. A related change is closer to our own backyard. China is equally sick of American interference and troublemaking in Asia (of which the so-called pivot, and the TPP are two classic examples).

As with the Russians, they now have the superior military hardware to give effect to confronting further American adventurism. Of relevance to Australia is the Dongfeng-41 ICBM missile, which can traverse 12,000 in 30 minutes. Each missile carries 8-10 independently targeted warheads. Our naval fantasists, who see an Australian submarine popping up in the South China Sea to lob some missiles at the PRC, and other military fantasies, will be rudely shocked. The Chinese response would eliminate Australia as a player in approximately 30 minutes. It seems to me we’ve a stark choice. Either continue with our suicidal path, that will undoubtedly accelerate under a Clinton presidency, or we actually formulate a foreign and defence policy that puts Australia’s real national interests to the forefront.’

Greg Maybury