Greg Maybury (👉is a freelance writer based in Australia. His main areas of
interest are American history and politics in general, with a special focus on economic, national security, military, and geopolitical affairs. For 6+ years he has regularly contributed to a diverse range of news and opinion sites, including
OpEd News, The Greanville Post, Consortium News, Dandelion Salad, Information Clearing House, Global Research, Dissident Voice, OffGuardian, Contra Corner, International Policy Digest, the Hampton Institute, and others.



📖 👉 Brief: The emergence in 2020 of the Coronavirus (or Covid-19) and the putative dire implications for us all of its unchecked spread and virulence caught most people on the planet off guard. For a variety of reasons, this development signalled an epochal turning point for the global political economy, for our society and humanity. Greg Maybury gets up close and personal with the ‘pox’, reflecting especially on the ‘popular delusions and madness of crowds’ attending it, and the agendas of those purporting to manage the crisis in our best interests. In this context, he offers a more off-piste perspective of the forces driving us to a destination almost certainly will not be to our liking. To the extent they’ll even have the freedom to reflect on such, it will likely leave our descendants wondering why we let it get to this point. And despairing at our stupidity, ignorance and complacency in doing so.


👀 👉 ‘Picture the prince, as most of them are today: a man ignorant of the law, well-nigh an enemy to his people’s advantage, while intent on his personal convenience, a dedicated voluptuary, hater of…freedom and truth, without a thought for the interests of his country, and measuring everything in terms of his own profit and desires.’ Erasmus


👀 👉 Nothing will avail to offset this virus which is poisoning the whole world. America is the very incarnation of doom…She will drag the whole world down to the bottomless pit.’ — Henry MillerTropic of Cancer (© 1934).

— A Blood Poisoning of the Body Politic (Foul Deeds Arising) —

Carl Jung (1875-1961) — A Man with a (Conscious?) Conscience

In an early essay “Symbols of Transformation”, archetypal ‘poster-boy’ of the collective unconscious Carl Jung noted:

👉 🗣 ‘There’s no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catastrophes. The supreme danger which threatens individuals [and] whole nations is a psychic danger.’

Though history is littered with the mortal remains of the countless victims of such dangers, it’s hard to recall a period in recent times where Jung’s insight into the ‘human condition’ has carried such portent

The much-touted microbial perils aside for now, arguably not since September 11, 2001 have we experienced such a sweeping psychic contamination of the global body politic implicit in Jung’s maxim as with the emergence of the Coronavirus (or Covid-19). Both events were game changers: disparate to be sure, yet ‘transformative’, both have underscored the man’s insight in spades and shovels. It informs much of what follows.

With uncertainty, fear, anxiety, suspicion, hysteria, intolerance, paranoia, and incipient panic in the ascendancy, infecting ever more deeply our already ‘overloaded’, much put upon psyches, and some of our most basic, hitherto presumed freedoms and liberties abruptly curtailed or suspended ostensibly for the greater good (by some earnest accounts, temporarily), all of us have been affected in some way. For the most part and for most people, this has not been in a good way. The true calculus of the effects will be some time in coming, if in fact we can expect such.

(See here, here, and here for just a few examples of the widely reported mental health impact of Covid and its attendant insanities.)

Irrespective of whether one views Covid (and mooted mutations thereof) is

a) as bad as we’re told it is or could be;

b) [as] real an existential threat to humanity as our established and establishment sources of news and information would have it; or

c) whether it is even real at all*…

…it is the all too human propensity for irrational thought and illogical action that gives rise to the psychopathology implicit in Jung’s assessment. (*See here and here for further information.) This is decidedly the case when such propensities are combined with our easy willingness to accept prima facie the proclamations of our ruling elites, fuelled as they are by their own hubristic agendas, almost all of which are fiercely echoed and mirrored by their news and information intermediaries. In such a context that indelible couplet via Hamlet becomes irresistible: ‘Foul deeds will rise, Though all the earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes.’

Whilst it seems the global populace has stoically accepted with resignation the official narrative of ‘experts’ in such matters, there is all the same a highly credible, eminently qualified, and eclectic mix of folks who’ve declared themselves at least quite sceptical of the whole business.

Significantly, as events and developments triggered by the crisis unfold, as I write more individuals and groups are coming forward and crying ‘foul’, about the severity—indeed the very authenticity—of the crisis, and the official responses to it.  Indeed, there’s credible evidence the virus was not a naturally occurring phenomenon, but man-made. (This being the case, we can draw but one conclusion from it.)

To understand why such acceptance has been so ‘contagious’, a slight digression at this point is useful. In his slyly subversive 1995 tome The Doubter’s Companion: A Dictionary of Aggressive Common Sense, the Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul offers us a useful perspective: he presents doubt as ‘the only human activity capable of controlling power in a positive way’For the eminent public intellectual, doubt is ‘central to [our] understanding’. Saul further suggests: ‘…it is curious just how easily [our elites] set about serving only themselves, even if it means…they or the society will self-self-destruct’.

For his part British philosopher John Gray made this pertinent observation:

👉 🗣 ‘When belief systems are contradicted by facts, beliefs are rarely renounced…More often they’re reinterpreted and thereby reinforced. Humans are more interested in preserving an internally coherent worldview than in testing their view of things against events. Nearly always, faith trumps facts.’

John Ralston Saul's Indispensable Repository of Sly Wisdom and Salty Wit - A Desert Island Fave

John Ralston Saul’s Desert Island vademecum of Sly Wisdom & Droll Wit

As with Jung’s earlier insight, such variant musings by Saul and Gray are crucial to our fuller understanding of what’s taking place at present. They’re further critical to providing an insight into the implications of ignoring the portents therein.

In the Age of Covid—with doubt amongst the populace an increasingly rare commodity—it seems clear we’re not only ‘over’ doubt as an instinctive response to the machinations of our political, economic, technocratic, financial, media, and intellectual power elites.

To the extent we do embrace doubt, we’re doing so inwardly, not outwardly. In the wrong direction as it were! Which is to say, it is our own judgment we more readily apply such doubts to than [to] those who govern us. In its place, we’re substituting a misplaced trust in authority. It is to them we accord by default the benefits of such doubts.

These wielders of great power known and unknown, elected and unelected, public and not so, for whom the quaint old chestnut ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ is both anathema and risible, are aware of this: as such, they leverage—politicise, weaponise and/or monetise—our (self) doubts, our fears, insecurities, anxieties, even our primal instincts against us in the direct and indirect service of their own nefarious agendas and their own individual and collective self-interest.

It is said: ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste…’. Putting aside the inherent ambiguity of this trope and the fact that the precept itself has been doing the rounds for some time in one form or another (crass opportunism and bloody cynicism hardly being concepts foreign to the political mind), it not by chance shoehorned itself into the political lexicon in the wake of 9/11. Yet the subtext of this meme was then and remains now: if we get tired of waiting for one to show up, go the extra mile and have one tailor-made and fit-for-purpose…’. 

That this reality then should be cogent to all is, well, without doubt! To re-mint an old adage, we don’t need to be paranoid to appreciate this. In any case, the paranoia may be too late to help us. Such are the stakes with this particular crisis, such is the zeitgeist. This is not idle hyperbole.

And for those who might be tempted to view this as bordering on conspiratorial musing, as author Lance de Haven-Smith has suggested, our ready acceptance of the edicts, expositions, and explanations from on high is predicated on a misplaced ‘sentimentality’ about our political leaders, public figures and institutions ‘rather than’ he says, ‘on any unbiased reasoning and object observation’. One supposes here then we’re talking about the benefit of a reasonable doubt versus the disadvantages of unreasonable suspicion or even unreasoned certainty. 

It’s difficult though reconciling such “sentimentality” with any known, rational reason for doing so. For those of us not naturally inclined towards sentiments (eg. faith, trust, respect etc.) when contemplating the general character, mindset, integrity and scruples of our average political and public figures, this especially might be the case. In any event, these folks in whom we place so much faith, and to whom we accord so much respect, are little more than flesh and blood avatars for the wielders of real political and economic power. It may have been ever thus; it is even more so now!

Here’s the thing: If we don’t use doubta measure of political agnosticism (or “aggressive common sense” as Saul would have it), wherein we question our misplaced trustto control the psycho-pathologically derived misanthropy and the collective totalitarian mindset of these people, they’ll have little compunction in using our inability, refusal, or unwillingness to doubt [to] control us. As indeed they are! (See here and here.)

— Picturing the Prince (The Ballad of ‘Bogus Bill’) —

We shall return to these broader themes later. But any meaningful discourse of Covid requires us to critically examine the integrity of at least one the main architects (others will come in later missives) of the existential milieu in which we find ourselves and where unto we have been suddenly thrust. For those looking into our current malaise (how did we get here?), it is to Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates (BMG) Foundation we must turn our attention.

In reference to his much-touted philanthropic endeavours, the ever redoubtable James Corbett of The Corbett Report (👀👈) is one I believe who’s nailed the essence of Gates and his deeper motives;  Corbett has dared to challenge the accepted narratives of the public relations exercise which has crafted then attended them. 

For those who haven’t seen this expose, suffice to say there are many takeaways, most of which may be difficult to digest for those disinclined to doubt. But essential viewing it is. Along with being an admirer of the man’s work, it’s worth noting I’ve rarely seen Corbett as animated as he’s been about the Covid agenda.

This itself is a telling observation, Corbett being a man who’s otherwise composed, measured, and in command of his ‘brief’. From Microsoft to microbes of the life-threatening kind, from viruses of the digital to the less metaphorical variety, the man’s own finely tuned doubt antennae have rendered us a compelling portrait of Gates and his backstory, along with the myth, his agenda, and his ‘business model’ for humanity.

Once such are revealed, doubt impels us to question most if not all aspects of the Covid phenomenon, not least the disruptive and destructive edicts, impositions and directives we have come to blithely accept from those purporting to manage the ‘crisis’ in our best interests. The wearing of masks, social distancing, lockdownsborder closures, and self-isolation are just a few of countless examples.#

(#Author’s Note: For many this whole exercise is more about facilitating massive transfers by stealth of wealth up the food chain and collecting equally massive amounts of personal data, the latter having little to do with protecting public health and everything to do with exploiting said data for profit and other, some as yet unknown, certainly undeclared, though to be sure, justifiably suspect, purposes.)

To be sure, this purportedly philanthropic—and on its face off-piste—career ‘redirection’ for one of the world’s richest and most ruthless of capitalists had many folks reassessing their views of the man. After experiencing a ‘come to me Lord’ moment, Gates had recalibrated his values, mended his ‘wicked’ ways, and set out on the long road to redemption, one which he presumably felt would, like St Paul, lead him to a higher moral ground and a ‘salvation’ of sorts.

Seems fair enough! Using one’s massive, somewhat ill-gotten fortune to eradicate the world’s diseases, reduce poverty, economic inequality and social inequities, and in general make the planet a better place for the masses (of whom it needs be noted there are far too many in the ‘gospel’ according to Gates), sounds like a wonderful idea, a selfless goal, taking the whole concept of noblesse oblige to another stratosphere entirely. Some might say it is quixotic, though in his case sans ‘the Don’s’ altruism, suit of armour, sceptical off-sider, and trusty steed. It seems to have worked a treat. 

Yet to coin an apt phrase, one must be ‘beware of geeks (sic) bearing gifts’. 

‘With a lie this large, we can infect anything!’ The Prince of the Pathogenic Epoch.

To reiterate, there are many who didn’t buy Bill’s ‘bill of goods’ from the off, and remain consistent still; as noted even more now are, if not rejecting it outright, applying suitable mechanisms of doubt. Put simply, we didn’t need to wait for the test results back from the lab to tell us there are rodents in the ratatouille. Others doubtless are experiencing a chronic case of ‘buyers’ remorse‘.

For those doing so, the Covid agenda has revealed in varying degrees Gates’ apparent Damascene conversion all those years ago to all-round good guy, the prince 0f the pathogenic epoch—in his case, the penultimate humanitarian of our age, who makes John D Rockefeller look like a curmudgeonly ‘scrooge’ even after his not dissimilar re-baptism back in the day—as a fraud, a chimera of charitable intent. 

Few people though one imagines have transformed the act of giving away their (ahem) ‘hard-earned’ such a consummately profitable business model. One only needs to follow the money, or ask: Who benefits? Cui bono? as we say. As with 9/11, the dramatis personae in Covid’scattle-call’ of beneficiaries is a ‘deMillean’ cast of thousands, and then some! Not least the man himself it would appear. The parasitic profiteers of angst and adversity and the misfortune of others we might observe are rarely in short supply! 

And whilst a more complete picture of the ultimate goals and ambitions of the BMG Foundation, along with the agendas of its various franchisees, partners and subsidiaries–without exception it seems clear, parasitic by nature and opportunistic by inclination–might remain unclear for some, it’s enough to say that if its much-touted altruistic aims are to be accepted, there is more work to be done. In the PR sphere that is. Even if the results thus far are, to say the least, impressive.

Public relations (one of whose notable pioneers was no less than Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays, who leveraged to stunning effect his uncle’s revolutionary, iconoclastic conclusions about the inner contraption that is the human mind), doesn’t as a rule seek to provide impartial insights into contemporary events for the benefit of humanity. It is about manipulating (sorry, managing) our perceptions of people, situation and circumstance, and doing so by deception, either by omission of facts, realities and relevant details, or by misinformation or disinformation (simply, the commission of lies and blatant untruths), or both, in each case!

This ‘alchemical’ myth-making aims to poison—indeed mutate—the core narrative of our history, as well as the more contemporary political and civic discourse. And it does a very good job of this! I can say this with some measure of authority as I’ve an insider’s grasp of how public relations works, a previous life having afforded me such. Being able to correlate one’s own knowledge of history in general (see note below*) with the history of PR, propaganda (and its equally evil corollary, censorship) and how it has become such an insidiously omnipotent force governing the management of our political economy and our society provides us such insight.

*(Author’s note: It’s no accident that modern history textbooks frequently use newspaper reports from the era being studiedmore readily available and accessible, and appropriately sanitised in compliance with the demands of the official historical version of eventsso as to underscore the narrative for the students in question. If the news accounts of the time reported this, “it must be true!” Q: How do I know this? A: I used to be a high-school history teacher, and worked also in the textbook publishing business for many years. ‘Nuff said?)

For those who might challenge the substance and utility of Freud’s insights into the human condition warts and all, the effectiveness of PR is the best evidence we have that the fabled former Viennese ‘shrink’ knew his id from his superegoWe might even go so far to say that whatever values remained of the heritage bequeathed to us by the so-named Age of Enlightenment were subverted by Freud’s conclusions around two hundred years later. More accurately, it was their application in the political, economic and business spheres for purposes and motives that had little to do with enlightenment, reason and rational thinking and much to do with their antithesis, that may have been the real fly in the ointment.

True, one does not need a post-doctoral degree in Freudian psycho-analytical theory to deduce when the devious forces of PR are in play. A modicum of “aggressive common sense” will do it. To paraphrase the American writer Henry D. Thoreau, ‘Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a carp in your cornflakes.’ Sadly, our “common sense” is not as ubiquitous as we give ourselves credit for, even less aggressive” than it needs be. But appreciating the long-term, sub rosa, ripple effects of these forces is another thing entirely.

What Gates and Co. have presented thus far is a masterclass in the insuperable power of PR, and its preternatural capacity to induce in the populace desired doubts and from there, control opinion and/or manufacture out of thin air the consent—the credulous acquiescence, the irrepressible arousal—of the misgoverned. In the view of many (though it barely needs mentioning, nowhere near a critical mass), humanity’s ‘criss du génération’ has unmasked the Gates’s real motives and their earnest, over-arching game-plan.

In squarely assessing the Covid phenomena then, one is struck by any number of conclusions—as inescapable as they’re disturbing—about the forces driving it, and about our collective reaction to these forces. As noted (but cannot be over emphasised), the first is our recidivistic disposition to recycle ‘fashionable’ ideas after they’ve embedded themselves in the deeper recesses of our cognitive backyards. We embrace such edicts from on high like sermons upon the mount, without a great deal (if any) of critical thought, analysis or, again, simple, homespun doubt. Our acceptance of, and belief in, the edicts from on high are little more than faith-based.

The Stuff of Which Nightmares are Made (A Bug for all Seasons Now and Then)

In this, our education system is to be sure, a main culprit. As someone who’s spent (another) previous life as a professional educator, for this writer that much is a given. Whilst this’ll be the subject of a future, deeper reflection on the root causes of our current malaise, suffice to say there’s little provision within the modern curriculum for the encouragement of critical thought (in this writer’s view, the opposable thumb of the intellect), the terrain having been purposely—yet surreptitiously—well-tilled and seeded to this end over several decades. (Ralston Saul doubtless would term “critical thinking” ‘aggressive common sense’.) 

Beyond formal education itself, other forces come into play to be sure, not least our media. Thus our “worldview” remains forever unchallenged, unchanged. It needs be noted that along with positioning himself amongst the medical and health fraternity as the ‘go-to’ global guru on public health policy in general and the dangers of contagious diseases in particular, Gates has cemented this reputation by assiduously courting the mainstream (corporate) media and the reigning political classes and their patrons in unstinting support of the BMG Foundation’s highly questionable agenda. More than that, Gates has bought the establishment media! Lock, stock, & barrel.

And though the COVID thing represents the best evidence we have of how we’re being misinformed and from there (mis)governed in the here and now, it serves as a reliable index of how we might be so governed in the future. This much is clear: they’ll keep ‘pushing the envelope’ in this regard until our mailboxes are overflowing. A casual examination of some of the most consequential events, turning points and developments in history is enough for the discerning doubter to appreciate this. Though it might go without saying, as indicated by then it most likely will be too late. (Here again Corbett’s excellent reportage on 9/11 is as illuminating as it is thorough.)


👉 Ep1: RFK Jr Podcast: Bill Gates’ Global Neo-feudalism with Vandana Shiva 👇


— In the Land of the Infected (There are None so Blind) —

Now those not persuaded by the preceding views may need to ‘get out more’, to use the vernacular. Which is to say we need to awaken to the brain-numbing barrage of propaganda on the one hand, and stifling censorship on the other to which we’ve been subjected for many years: this Orwellian milieu has expanded exponentially since the emergence of this so-called crisis.

It’s as if then our critical thinking skills (at least those remaining from our educational experience) have been anaesthetised then surgically removed in slow-motion and by remote control. It’s amounted to what can only be described as psychological warfare of the asymmetrical kind, where in this instance the stronger power determines to have the upper hand, and is well positioned to achieve and maintain it. 

As one writer reveals, this trend towards increasing censorship, surveillance and secrecy is now very much an exponential work in progress, the latter possibly not being the most appropriate word given the zeitgeist. To the degree notions of transparency and accountability are in play, the miscreants driving these developments are now more open (or less embarrassed or apologetic) about being caught out, and increasingly more immune even when they are called out. (See here, here, here, here, and here for more on this.)

The perpetrators and sources of propaganda and censorship are many and various: They run the gamut from global and regional foundations, commissions, movements, and assorted agenda driven organisations to national, state and provincial governments; [to] the corporate (mainstream) media along with the intelligence and security agencies; lobby groups, think tanks, NGOs; Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Arms et. al.; and myriad other private and public institutions and vested interests, including even our regulatory bodies and legislative assemblies. If only we could have a vaccine to inoculate us against this cognitive onslaught, this pernicious societal and political virulence!

This operant conditioning (or programming), a euphemism for old-school brainwashing, albeit utilising more sophisticated technological and psychological instruments, is designed to elicit a false consensus effect (or bias) in people, whereby they ‘see their own behavioural choices and judgments as relatively common and appropriate to existing circumstances’. In other words, we accept our personal characteristics, beliefs, responses, values, perceptions, attitudes etc., as relatively widespread and rational throughout the general populace, and we react in kind, something of a herd mentality one suspects. Once the “herd mentality” is in play, there is no herd immunity. (Think wildebeests here, or lemmings).

Jung himself warned of the ‘politico-social delusional systems’ and ‘monkey tricks’ politicians use to ‘poison the utterly incompetent mind of the masses.’ Less lofty in tone, yet perhaps more pithily, the popular (and brilliant) British satirist and fantasy novelist the late Terry Pratchett acutely observed: ‘…the IQ of a mob is the IQ of its most stupid member divided by the number of mobsters’. Aristotle’s oft-cited postulate that ‘nature abhors a vacuum’ may have its discontents; what is inarguable is that this is where stupidity finds its natural habitat, and ignorance its idyll.

Welcome to Our Nightmare (🙏🏼 to A Cooper)

Such promiscuous acquiescence on our part can be stimulated by sub rosa, yet still seductive means, like predictive programming. This is very much a forte of the film and television entertainment business to be sure. According to one writer Alan Watt, such are

👉 ‘…[I]deas which would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films [as] fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins.’

Hollywood has been called the ‘dream factory’, ironic on many levels, especially as it is no slouch in the (pre) fabrication of nightmares and dystopian possibilities, even inevitabilities. That it does so purportedly for our ‘entertainment’ is doubly ironic. (Here we might again think of the events of 9/11. See here also.)

Predictive programming is often deemed the domain of the “conspiracy theorist”, Watt and his ilk being dismissed as such. The epithet has always been and remains the de rigueur response from those who ‘man the barricades’ at any suggestion the official narrative of events past and present may not be kosher. As with such theories, whether they turn out to be true or not (we know many do in fact; see here, here, and here just for starters), coincidence plays a key role in how we determine what’s a conspiracy and what’s not. (As the eminent British author, journalist and political correspondent Douglas Reed once drily opined–in a book aptly titled Smoke and Smother–‘coincidence is ever on the side of the conspirators…’)

Though by no means the best or the only one, an exemplar of such programming (akin to ‘tilling the soil’), is the 2008 British film Doomsday—a dystopian, nihilistic, viral-apocalypse gore-fest of the first order. The central ‘character’ in this film is the aptly named “Reaper” virus, the arrival and impact of which decimates the population and splits the UK in two under martial law. It then ‘disappears’, only to ‘mysteriously’ resurface thirty years later. By this time, we’re living the nightmare! Cue the darkness then, in the land of the infected.

Slickly made—with a plot that on its face stretches plausibility and replete with over-the-top action scenes rivalling the Mad Max (aka Road Warrior) films and their ilk, only with lethal badass germs and a cast of infected zombie-like thousands a la The Living Dead roaming the desolate landscape, the film does what it says on the box. Although I didn’t see Bill Gates’ name in the credits (OK, I didn’t check; but ‘technical adviser’ or ‘creative consultant’ anyone?), it was like so many others of its ilk, scripted and produced to transcend mere edge-of-your-seat, pop-corn entertainment, albeit on a subliminal level. (See here for the “Top Ten” in the genre; and yes, it is a “genre”.)

There was a message in the film to be sure, and it wasn’t necessarily a cautionary tale about capricious microbes waiting to bush-wack us on our evolutionary path and eradicate us all before we do same to ourselves by other means. What makes this film relevant herein is the political agenda that drives much of the action. (Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory it seems. It’s only when we step back into the real world that we have trouble entertaining, less so accepting, such possibilities. What makes us think Covid might just be differentThis question need not be simply rhetorical.)

Yet for apocalyptic prescience of the pathogenic kind in fictional conspiratorial plotting, it is Israeli Hamutal Shabtai who gets the nod. Over 23 years ago she wrote a book—largely unheralded—about the emergence of a Covid-like pandemic, set in 2020. Imaginatively titled 2020, this novel was according to Raul Diego of MintPress News, originally written as a film script. Diego: ‘Shabtai… predicts the state of the world today as a result of the counter-measures with uncanny accuracy and foretells of a society ravaged by a virus, which ushers in a “global health dictatorship”’.

And for those unaware of the origins of the “conspiracy theory” construct as used in the pejorative (it almost always is), it’s time to bring oneself up to speed. Look no further than the CIA’s infamous Operation Mockingbird, the most enduring, well-documented, successful psychological operation (‘psy-op’) ever concocted by The Company, one enthusiastically embraced by all Western intelligence and security agencies and their governments. They’ve been dining out on it for over seventy years. And we’ve been picking up the tab.

The phrase “conspiracy theorist” was a purpose-built initiative of OpMock and its attendant illusions. So effective has this psy-op meme been, it has prevailed against our political enlightenment over three generations, shows no sign of approaching its use-by date, and provides us more evidence if indeed required that Freud knew his stuff. It has been the perfect (sorry) vaccine against doubt, the latter being the virus that most scares our political and power elites. (See here, here and here for more information on OpMock). For his part Gates appears increasingly unhinged by all the Covid naysayers, him recently decrying “conspiracy theorists” and their “crazy, evil” accusations.

And this is without mentioning MK-ULTRA (aka Artichoke), the same agency’s diabolical mind-control and brainwashing plots, programs, experiments and schemes. This is a program the records of which the CIA reportedly destroyed (at least by most accounts) in the early seventies. But this author doesn’t buy that theory, especially coming from an organisation who core remit is bullshit! (See here, here, and here.) Even if the names might’ve changed, that the overarching (and we might say, overreaching) goals of both programs could still be in play is something we should take as a given. 

We are then via real-time surveillance faced with the prospect of more and more intrusions into, and dispossession of, our privacy—propelled by frontal attacks on our presumed entitlements in this respect. (That they are in the process of repossessing our remaining security and our sense thereof is something few folks seems to get. A story for another time). This is especially so with the advent of artificial intelligence, genetic modification (GM) and 5G intelligence and data mining and manipulation technologies: I’m reliably informed by an associate, a long-time career computer engineer no less, who sees a dark future for humanity herein. In the main, such technologies may present as many benefits and downsides; but human nature being what it is (ie. all too human), the track record on so many levels speaks volumes, at least for those without hearing or comprehension issues.

And if technological progress might loosely be defined as taking two steps forward and one step back, then how do we so define taking one step forward, and two steps back? The question need not be rhetorical! (To paraphrase the T-Shirt meme and in keeping with the themes already outline earlier, we might rightly be far more concerned about natural stupidity than artificial intelligence!)

In this Brave New World meets 1984 future then, such technologies will come to rule, direct, psychologically orchestrate, socially engineer, behaviourally manage, and genetically manipulate every aspect of our lives. One can reasonably surmise this is one of the key motives for—and objectives of—those associated with its rollout. Human nature has a track record of going off-track, and it is not one overly defined by circumspection, forward thinking, altruism, or broad consideration of the public weal. If it can all be monetised along with being weaponised all the better. Which it is and will be. Of that we can be sure.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. — America’s Most Righteous Truth Seeker and Champion for Justice? You Decide?

Though space prohibits an in-depth discussion of such, it’s worth mentioning at this point the widely perceived connections between the timing of the rollout of 5G and the arrival of Covid. It’s enough to say that one credible observer—Robert F Kennedy Jr.foresees a “catastrophe” for humanity. For him, there are no ‘mights’ or ‘maybes’ about it.

It is instructive that he made this comment in the context of talking about pandemics, vaccines and the like. But he was clearly alluding to the possible environmental and health blowback from rolling out this scandalously untested technology. (See also here.)

And it would seem that Covid has brought into sharp relief the corruption and avarice of our once trusted medical science and health professions. In this writer’s ‘humble’, Kennedy is one of the most articulate and principled advocates for more accountability and transparency within and across the broad medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, health insurance, health science and scientific research and associated regulatory domains. He attends his message with a no punches pulled indictment of the widespread, deep-seated conflicts of vested interests therein, and the rampant abuse and neglect of the public trust he sees as being out of control in these spheres.

In a lengthy interview last year, Kennedy gave vent to all of the above and then some. Whilst the main focus was on Covid and the disturbing implications for our future, his views extended to the numerous issues which accompany Covid or are attenuated with it. There are any number of reveals in this wide-ranging discussion and RFK’s son—a litigation lawyer, safe vaccine advocate, and environmental activist—was ‘all over his brief’ as it were.

Like the Corbett revelations on Gates, this interview provides valuable insights. (Similar to many who share his beliefs, Kennedy has stated that contrary to ‘popular opinion’, he is not against vaccines but advocates they be more thoroughly tested and investigated prior to rollout. This is something the pharmaceutical industry has an appealing track record in: putting the roll-out cart before the testing horse.)

One striking example (there are countless others; see list of links below) providing further evidence of the misinformation and disinformation that has become the hallmark of the perpetual motion propaganda and censorship machine that has been purpose built to keep the official narrative on track is the following. Dr. Roger Hodkinson, who is Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa, is also CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta and Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company seeking to enter the vaccination market.

On its face this looks a typical conflict of interest of the type referred to earlier. Yet in a video (originally posted on Youtube, but tellingly censored by YT shortly thereafter), Hodkinson decried the utterly unfounded’ hysteria surrounding Covid, which he said was ‘driven by the media and politicians’. Along with calling it the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspected public’, Hodkinson declared the ‘crisis’ as nothing more than ‘a bad flu season. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game.’ He further added:

‘👉🗣 ‘There is no action needed…Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence whatsoever they are even effective. It is utterly ridiculous seeing these unfortunate, uneducated people walking around like lemmings obeying without any evidence. Social distancing is also useless… [T]he risk of death under 65 is 1 in 300,000…the response utterly ridiculous.’

— Quarantining Humanity (Useless Eaters and Useful Idiots) —

To sum up: If we relinquish our freedom of action and movement to the pandemic priesthood and supplant our individual thoughts and speech with the rote narratives that attend their agendas, we do so at our own peril. We are in effect dispensing with one of the most effective tools of defence in the smoke-filled ‘wilderness of mirrors’ (located as it is inside a cacophonous echo chamber) that passes for reality, one in which we all too readily assume will present greater opportunities for us, our families and descendants to pursue, attain, then lead full, free, productive, meaningful lives.

This chimerical construct has been purpose-built to reflect and echo a reality of their own making. This pseudo-reality has been with us for some time and remains extant, a work in progress. One hardly needs to be a logician or a life-time member of MENSA to detect the vicious circularity of this existential malaise, and we are but bit players performing in this surreal danse macabrethis cosmic, mordantly ironic, nihilistic theatre of the absurd, one directed by criminal sociopaths and choreographed by the certifiably insane.

We sacrifice all this for what is rapidly approaching in extremis, something of a devolution of humanity, characterised by soulless economic determinism, technological tyranny, social engineering, genetic manipulation, political absolutism, psychological alienation, and a spiritual ennui unimagined in even the most conceivable of dystopian, nihilistic futures. The mythical deities of Grecian antiquity combined, from Zeus himself on down the mountain, might hardly have marshalled much less manifested, this much narcissistic hubris towards, and disdain for, their mortal constituents and/or presumed omnipotence over them.

Brought into sharp relief by Covid, this entrenched institutional corruption, deception and fraud is prevalent and ongoing at the highest levels in both the private and public realms of our political economy. As always seems to be the case, the corporate media—the glue that holds the whole capitalist, free market, globalist construct in place—have outdone themselves in this regard; after all the Russia-gate farce, some folks might’ve expected this to be a hard act to follow. But follow it they did, doubling down and being even more brazen about it.

Again, whilst a story for another time, they seem to have outdone themselves once more with their reportage on the conduct and outcome of the 2020 election. On both counts this has no precedent in American history, with the lies, damned lies, and dodgy statistics that underpinned their election coverage and the favoured narrative embedded therein being key to the stand-out nature of the poll.

With each passing day, more high-profile and/or authoritative personalities are beginning to speak up about the psychosomatic challenges and dangers posed by the Covid crisis, and the manner in which it has been managed. One such person is German author Eckhart Tolle. During a recent lecture on the subject of adversity (an apposite title for the age in which we live perhaps?), Tolle delivers some poignant, potent comments on the Coronavirus hysteria. In this two-parter, Awakening Through Adversity,” the following are just a few of the points he covers:

  1. Collective ‘hive mind’ and the spread of ‘mind viruses’;

  2. How the collective mind is projected through social and mainstream media;

  3. How sensationalism in mainstream media drives the ‘crisis’ narrative;

  4. How to be more conscious of mainstream media manipulation.

In these uncertain times, Tolle’s views on the Covid upheaval are worth listening to.

Korean artist Do Ho Suh makes a fashion statement — Art Imitating Life Anyone, Or?

As a fitting coda to our ruminations then, the following might be apt. Insofar as COVID goes—and any plot dreamed up by hidden agenda-driven intriguers designed to serve their own interests or those in whose service they’re being amply rewarded—we’re looking down the barrel of not so much a medical, health, and/or social crisis (as bespoke as it is). We’re facing nothing less than what we might term a blood poisoning of the body politic.

It’s all but a fait accompli that we now accept it is their interests that will always come first, with trust in our political, public and private institutions having declined precipitously with this half-assed realisation. But we rarely seem to stop what we’re doing or thinking, and consider the implications of that. Until that mistrust is converted into critical mass action, we’re on a hiding to nothing. 

Which is to say, we’ll face two choices, both of which are something of the Hobson’s variety. We either become one of Vladimir Lenin’s “useful idiots” in the service of this all-out assault on democracy, the public weal, and humanity. Or we end up one of Henry Kissinger’s “useless eaters”. The ‘choice’ is ours (or not).

If only we could embrace doubt with as much enduring enthusiasm and effect as we do the purported good intentions of those who rule over us. If only…

© Greg Maybury, February 22, 2021

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