Pox Amerikana Journeys and Detours in the United States of Amnesia

Of Treachery, Treason, Terror, Truth, and Liberty Forsaken (An American Tale)

Brief: With the impending anniversary of the 1967 Six Day War (SDW) between Israel and the Arab states (Egypt, Syria, Jordan), it’s timely to take another look at the origins and causes of that pivotal war, and with that examine in some detail the deliberate attack by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) during that conflict on the US naval reconnaissance ship the USS Liberty, with the loss of 34 lives and scores of casualties. To this day, despite irrefutable evidence it was a deliberate attack, the official explanation is that it was a case of “mistaken identity”. Along with showcasing one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. military history, it presents us an opportunity to place into broader, more urgent relief, the history of America’s increasingly contentious relationship with Israel in addition to probing the role of both nations in events unfolding in and across the Greater Middle East. It moreover, crucially invites us to reexamine the largely unexplored role played in these events by one of America’s most psychopathic and criminally inclined of Oval Officeholders, one whose political ascendancy and tenure may have been the most consequential of all. As our narrative herein will eventually reveal, had things gone the way they were planned, it almost certainly would’ve triggered the most cataclysmic consequences of all for the human race. On all counts, author Phillip Nelson’s soon to be published book Remember the Liberty: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas, provides us ample context and perspective within which to contemplate all of this and more.

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The Praetorian Bodyguards (Of the Empire’s Liars)

Brief: The response from the mainstream media to Wikileaks revelations of CIA surveillance and hacking – against the backdrop of the MSM and Beltway fuelled brouhaha over fake news, alleged Russian spying and interference in U.S elections, and general animus towards Moscow – is further evidence the Fourth Estate is irretrievably beholden to the Deep State and the ruling classes du jour. It in turn underscores the MSM’s ever present grip on the broader American political psyche. That it was ever thus has been obvious for decades to all but the most deluded afficionados of life, liberty, democracy, privacy, freedom, the rule of law, the pursuit of happiness, and the American way. With this in mind, it’s time to take a deep breath for an even deeper dive into the cess-pool that is the collective press-pool.

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The Great American Perpetual Motion War Machine

Brief: The so-called ‘military-industrial complex’ ushered in by the passing of the 1947 National Security Act is a luxury America and the world can no longer afford. The unprecedented threat posed by the over-privileged belligerents infecting U.S. military doctrine with their unbridled hegemonic ambition is redolent of that of the British Empire in the years leading up to the Great War in 1914. With Donald Trump advocating massive upgrades of the U.S. nuclear arsenal and full-spectrum dominance likely to remain integral to American foreign and national security policy making, we ponder the past, the here and now, and an unthinkable, yet, still avoidable future.

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The Werewolves of Washington

The death of Fidel Castro offers us an ideal opportunity to reflect not just on the profound geopolitical import of Cuban-American relations. In the process we acquire a timely insight into how badly the Washington establishment gets it all so demonstrably and disastrously wrong. As we enter unmapped terrain in U.S. foreign policy, Greg Maybury looks at that relationship and what lessons might be learned, and why all things Cuba and Castro still infuriate U.S. political elites on both sides of the political divide.

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Of Privilege, Plunder and Immoral Reward

Brief: The outcome of the 2016 presidential election will keep pundits across the political spectrum looking to explain the rise to the Oval Office of the most improbable candidate in American political history for some time to come. This will especially be the case for those who either never saw it coming or decried its possibility however remote that might have seemed. But there is one single factor that stands out as the root cause, and it has little to do with Donald Trump: Neoliberalism. Greg Maybury asks: Could this be the beginning of the end of the increasingly anti-democratic, rapacious, anti-social, and destructive ideology that infuses this now utterly discredited doctrine of privilege, plunder and immoral reward?

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A Clean Break from Israel (What America Needs Most)

Brief: America’s interminable meddling and interventions in the Middle East has wreaked havoc upon the region. Although the U.S. was the principal curator of the chaos, it seems gradually more people are recognizing it’s the region’s resident hegemon Israel that’s been the real driver of the turmoil and violence that defines the region. Greg Maybury reports on what is arguably the most portentous geopolitical issue of our time.

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