Who We Are

Who We Are

The Fabric of the Republic (Torn ‘n Frayed)



Greg Maybury is an Australian based freelance journalist, alternative media entrepreneur, filmmaker and blogger, and partially rehabbed history teacher. His broad areas of exploration and analysis are the U.S. political economy, foreign affairs, social and economic history, international relations, the national security state, the media, and American society and culture in general.

His articles and essays have appeared on a diverse range of alternative and independent news sites here in Australia, the U.S. and elsewhere, including Consortium News, Russia Insider, Op Ed News, Contra Corner, International Policy Digest, the Hampton Institution, and Gumshoe News

Greg‘s major areas of interests embrace concerns about—and critiques of—both the neoliberal and neoconservative influence that prevails in social, economic, foreign, financial, military, trade, and national security policy formulation in the U.S., and how this policy framework impacts the American and Western body politic, along with the rest of the world.