Journeys and Detours in the United States of Amnesia

From Great Wars, Come Great Consequences

Brief: With all the talk about a third world war, it isn’t just instructive but essential to understand the real origins and causes of the first two. Like the proposition it was Germany’s militarism and imperial ambition under Kaiser Wilhelm that kindled the First World War in 1914, the notion that the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis was an aberrant manifestation of the economic, social, and political chaos prevailing in post-War Germany is one we still teach our kids in school, and embrace without question in our public discourse. Both of these doctrines — to this day perpetuated by the custodians of the historical record on behalf of the Anglo-American-Zionist establishment — are the most enduring deceits and existentially dangerous delusions infecting the Western body politic. There seems no better time to begin appreciating the implications for humanity of preserving them. To underscore this, it’s sufficient to grasp that the power elite mindsets, societal developments, economic conditions, and the broad geopolitical goals and objectives that marked the prelude to these cataclysmic events uncannily parallel so many of those unfolding now. As we will see, this is not simply a matter of history tripping over itself once again!

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Once Upon a Paranoid Time (In America) — Part One

Brief: For too long the domain of the ‘time-rich’ whack job, in an age of growing paranoia and suspicion, along with increasing, self-evident government, corporate and institutional secrecy and subterfuge, it’s perhaps time to ‘rehab’ the brand of the much-maligned “conspiracy theory”, and go in to bat on behalf of its many practitioners. In this first instalment of an epic 3 parter, we secure the perimeter, don our Comalco hat, pull the blinds, bolt the doors, and embark on what might turn out to be a quixotic quest. Yet desperate times call for desperate measures.

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