Journeys and Detours in the United States of Amnesia

The ‘Crucifixion’ of the Black Messiah

On this the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, a soon-to-be-published book provides us the most comprehensive account of this event, the shock of which reverberated across America and the world. More than that, the anniversary gives us all ample reason to reflect on the man and his impact, and where America is at present in the context of the main pursuits to which he devoted his life: racial equality, justice, liberty, truth, freedom, and peace. Oh, and a slice of the American Dream.

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Of Privilege, Plunder and Immoral Reward

Brief: The outcome of the 2016 presidential election will keep pundits across the political spectrum looking to explain the rise to the Oval Office of the most improbable candidate in American political history for some time to come. This will especially be the case for those who either never saw it coming or decried its possibility however remote that might have seemed. But there is one single factor that stands out as the root cause, and it has little to do with Donald Trump: Neoliberalism. Greg Maybury asks: Could this be the beginning of the end of the increasingly anti-democratic, rapacious, anti-social, and destructive ideology that infuses this now utterly discredited doctrine of privilege, plunder and immoral reward?

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A Clean Break from Israel (What America Needs Most)

Brief: America’s interminable meddling and interventions in the Middle East has wreaked havoc upon the region. Although the U.S. was the principal curator of the chaos, it seems gradually more people are recognizing it’s the region’s resident hegemon Israel that’s been the real driver of the turmoil and violence that defines the region. Greg Maybury reports on what is arguably the most portentous geopolitical issue of our time.

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