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About this Site



G’Day Visitors and sundry Truth Seekers,


Welcome to the Pox Amerikana, an on-line compendium of amorality tales from the United States of Amnesia, a selection of not always self-evident takes on truth, justice, democracy, freedom, the rule of law, habeas corpus, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, along with other modern American fables and myths.


A word to the wise is in order. I usually don’t ‘do short’! I’m a bit old school like that, preferring to delve into a subject or topic in some depth. It’s what I think they call long-form (or slow) journalism. Put simply, if you suffer from attention deficit disorder or are simply time-poor, this might not be the place for you.


As well, I’m not an investigative journalist, more an inquisitive historian. My pieces are the result of my response to, and analysis of, the work of numerous journalists, along with an eclectic assortment of authors, activists, whistleblowers, bloggers, academics, researchers, historians, writers and sundry commentators on the U.S. political economy and history at large. I try to ‘aggregate’ the views, conclusions and insights of others, and bring my own spin to the fore. That seems to work for some folks. Which is good, as it works for me too.


Please note I don’t have a public, interactive discussion forum facility for the posting of comments. If you wish to write to me, please do so via my email address (below), Twitter account, or visit my Pox Amerikana Facebook page and/or my Google+ page. By all means follow me on these forums. But please no time-rich trolls, bellicose bomb-throwers, or spear-chucking hobgoblins. We’ll just pretend you’re not there.


That said, informed, thoughtful, and civil commentary/feedback is welcome, indeed encouraged. Which is to say, all ‘donations’ will be gratefully and — especially those of the remunerative kind, greedily — accepted. In which case let me know and I’ll send you pronto the transfer details of my secret, tax resistant Cayman Islands’ bank account. Rest assured, your ‘hard-earned’ will go to a very good home.


Now that you have the ‘heads up’, if you’re still up for an excellent adventure of sorts, the testimonials page will give you some helpful hints on what to expect. And if you like what you read, spread the love.


Greg Maybury

Perth, Australia.

20 January, 2017.

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